About us

Exclusive distributor of products to improve hair and skin.


SelanCare exclusively provides the distribution and marketing of a growing portfolio of innovative and high-quality medical and cosmetic products and services in the BeNeLux. Products that help to make people’s beauty and health more accessible, remove personal uncertainties and improve the quality of life.

SelanCare is dedicated to work with physicians, health care providers and patients in providing meaningful products, treatments and services that help improve skin and hair. The beautiful brands we represent are in many cases complementary to each other in the field of skin and haircare.

Substantiated by proper research into the efficacy and safety is an important starting point to carry out these products. The suppliers with whom we enter into a sustainable and exclusive partnership, share the same philosophy and are at the forefront of research and development.


Sjoerd de Bruijn stands, together with his wife and dermatologist Dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer at the cradle of SelanCare.

In addition to the general dermatology, Elian is fully specialized in cosmetic dermatology as well. As a specialist in the field of skin and hair, she likes to have a pragmatic, holistic and scientific approach.

During international trade shows and symposia she often comes in contact with the latest and most innovative products in the field of  preventive and rejuvenation of skin and hair. During one of these trade shows she also came in contact with DR.CYJ Hair Fillers from the South-Korean bio-farmaceutical company Caregen.

She was immediately impressed by their revolutionary vision and drive to R&D in the field of peptides and growth factors in skin and hair care products. She therefore started mid 2018 with a pilot with DR.CYJ Hair Fillers among 15 patients.

The first results she obtained were an important and convincing reason for us to start looking at the possibility to represent the product exclusively in the Netherlands. SelanCare was a fact.

Want to know more about Dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer? Then take a look at her website!


In addition to providing medical devices and cosmetic products at market price, as SelanCare we like to be more than just the buying and selling party. We like to be the connector between our customers and suppliers. Based on mutual trust, we work on sustainable partnerships and build a strong relationship with both parties. We demonstrate our added value by providing optimal business and marketing support at both brand and consumer level.


Partnerships with our customers

In your practice it is of course primarily about delivering excellent patient care. SelanCare therefore only offers products that meet high quality standards and demonstrate proven results in terms of customer satisfaction, efficacy and safety. To convince your patients and to bring these products to their attention in the right way, SelanCare offers a wide range of unique and essential marketing services and products. Due to often lack of time and the right marketing knowledge we are happy to support you as a loyal customer with different tools.

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Partnership with our suppliers

SelanCare represents your brand and product with heart and soul. Through our large network within the cosmetic and dermatological care sector, you are assured of optimal product penetration and representation in the Netherlands and abroad. We are happy to help you identify local customer needs and translate them into the desired product development and improvements. Based on mutual trust and within a sustainable and exclusive partnership with suppliers, we work with great enthusiasm on our common objectives.

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Our values must ensure unity in a growing organisation and optimum effectiveness in realising our mission and objectives.

  1. Innovation:

We are constantly looking for new distribution possibilities of innovative quality products that show proven results. We challenge our suppliers to do product developments that fit in with our time spirit and meet the needs of our customers. Next to that we apply innovation in our own marketing and sales activities. We encourage our customers to continue developing themselves in their services and provide them with support through distinctive marketing solutions.


We believe in putting our clients first, both from our doctors and the consumer. Whatever they ask us, we will look for a satisfactory answer. Customer focus also means for us entering into valuable partnerships; giving personal attention; good customer service; acknowledge and value the customer; reward loyalty; and every day getting better in serving our customer.


“We will treat our suppliers, customers, employees and other stakeholders with respect.” We are open to other people’s ideas, views or beliefs and give them confidence that they can be who they are. In our daily work we act in all conscience. We create confidence through appropriate openness, credibility and fairness.

  1. Entrepreneurship:

“We challenge ourselves by continually thinking in opportunities. We explore new possibilities that match our goals and mission. We stimulate creativity and create a culture in which no idea is pushed to the side. “